Thank you letter from Granta School - May 2022 

Michael Wilcockson has recently received this thank you letter from Emma Stubbings at Granta School following a visit to St Mary's.

Hi, my name is Emma and I am one of the assistant heads of Granta special school in Linton. I am just writing to say thank you so much for opening up the church and making it accessible for the community during the day. I teach a small class of very complex needs students who are all wheelchair users, many of whom have had little opportunities to experience a wide variety of settings and environments. During our trip into the village today we were exploring places that we have been learning about in our lessons, one of which is your church. We went expecting to show them the outside and the grounds. However we were delighted to find that we could take them inside.

The minute we entered without me saying anything they all immediately responded to the atmosphere and went completely silent. They remained silent until we left which was amazing as although they cannot talk they are usually very vocal! Some of them enjoyed lighting a candle and talking about people who were special to them they wanted to say thank you for or remember, including remembering a special classmate who died a couple of years ago. A couple of them were fascinated by the stained glass windows and spent extended periods of time looking at the colours. One young lady was so fascinated taking it all in her eyes couldn't get any wider as she took it all in! Others smelt the flowers and talked about what the visitor book was as we wrote a message in. Another who is a regular church goer in his home community clearly recognised the atmosphere and where he was and started to beam. They also all really enjoyed a visit to the peace garden afterwards.

Although they would not have been using it for prayer as some might expect in the traditional sense of private prayer they clearly all had a very spiritual response to the church which did not need words and which was something very special to witness - not something I expected to be able to give the students today. Thank you to you all for creating such a special atmosphere and for opening it up for everyone to share in their own way. It was an experience I won't forget in a hurry!

Emma Stubbings
Assistant Head
Complex Needs and Health Manager
26 May 2022