Covid restrictions in church 

Following consultation with the PCC we have agreed that the following restrictions will operate in church until the next government review which is set for August 16th but may come sooner.

1. Please continue to use the sign in sheet or QR code on entering church.
2. Please continue to use hand sanitiser on entering, leaving and at communion
3. Please continue to wear a mask in church.
4. The seating in the nave will be spaced at 1.25m. Some notices will be available for you to put on chairs either side to maintain a personal bubble if you so wish, coats and bags will do just as well. The side aisle seating will stay at 2m distance for those who would prefer it.
5. Once the service starts please remain in your seat unless you have a role to perform or until your turn to go forward for communion.
6. Communion will continue to be in one kind only.
7. The choir will continue to sit in the chancel and sing without masks. The only restriction on numbers will be down to what its members are content with in terms of social distancing.
8. The congregation will be allowed to join in with singing but should wear masks
9. Doors and windows to remain open during services to improve ventilation.
10. Brief conversations inside church and unrestricted mingling allowed outside.
11. Refreshments will not be served; we will need more help with the rota before we can start that!

22 July 2021