St Mary's Churchyard 

Our churchyard is a beautiful and much loved area, and as with many churchyards, a haven for wildlife. A survey of the flora carried out recently listed 38 species of wild flowers.  Diana Cook, from the local Wildlife Trust, came on a recent visit to meet Maggie, members of the Monday Gang who volunteer to maintain it, and other interested parties, to discuss the possibility of applying for a Conservation Churchyard Award. A small group will be needed to oversee the work needed to apply for the Award; any volunteers would be very welcome! 

Discussions are taking place about a management plan for grass cutting to encourage flowering in the different seasons. It is also hoped to install swift boxes in the tower for these iconic birds, now in decline. This is an exciting opportunity to celebrate the wealth of wildlife we have in the centre of our village, and to make it more widely known to everyone walking through the churchyard.

July 2021