St Mary's, Linton - Vacancy 


Message from David Watts, Churchwarden 11 July 2021

We are now embarking on an interregnum as I used to call it, or being in vacancy as I’ve been told it is now called. This week’s PCC meeting made two important decisions with regards to this process of appointing Maggie’s successor, they were firstly that Charlotte Ellis and I, your churchwardens, will also be your parish representatives in this process, and secondly they decided the group to produce a document known as the Parish Profile which tells the prospective candidates where we’ve come from, where we think we would like to go and why they should be the ones to take us on the next stage of our pilgrimage together. In compiling the parish profile we need to consult widely and not just within the congregation. So I would ask all of you to consider two questions what sort of church should we be for Linton in the future? and what are the qualities someone will need to lead us there? Then when one of us asks your opinion you will be able to give it.

Please don’t think you don’t count in this process. That you’re too small. What you feel might be the final bit of the jigsaw that brings coherence to all the other opinions being considered. Yours might be that ‘still, small voice,’ that ‘delicate, whispering voice’ as it can be translated, in which God is heard. We will publicise the names of the group so that you know who to contact if you want to, being proactive. You can also email Charlotte or me with your thoughts or leave a letter in the post box at church for us to consider. The timescale for this consultation is constrained by the fact that the draft Parish Profile needs to be written and approved for the September PCC. It is then looked at by all the team, just as we look at theirs and a final version which carries all the team profiles goes to the PCC for approval in November. So by the time that Bishop Dagmar comes to us in November this could all be done and we might be embarking on the process of advertising, scrutinising applications and interviewing so that when Bishop Stephen comes to us in April he may be able to announce who Maggie’s successor will be.

Another way in which you can help is by prayer. Going forward we will always pray for this process of discernment and those involved in it in anyway at all of our services and meetings. Please will you pray for it in your private devotions and when you meet together e.g. include it in your grace at meals. As part of all that is going on we are considering ways to encourage prayer for this important time of transition.