Boxes of Hope (Make Lunch Team) 

Hello all,

Today the Make Lunch core team (Alison, Cathy, Sue and myself) met to pack and then deliver 10 Boxes of Hope. These contained ingredients and a recipe for tuna and sweetcorn pasta bake, cereals, bread, milk, fresh fruit and veg (with many thanks to the organic farm shop owners) plus household items like liquid soap and kitchen towel roll, and a bag with craft materials, felt pens, colouring sheets, puzzle sheets. The box also contained a sheet with an encouraging message and signposting to Linton Community Help and to REACH for further support. We then divided the boxes and delivered to the families who had booked via schools, pre-school and our church connections.

We have already had feedback via Messenger, Facebook and email, all thanking us and saying what a difference the box will make to half term. Please continue to hold these families in prayer.

Here is a prayer circulated by TLG:

We pray for all families and children who are feeling fearful, anxious and exhausted. We pray they will feel comforted and at peace today. Whatever challenges they may face in the days, weeks and months ahead, we pray they will know they are not alone.

Please pray for us too – it’s been physically hard today, a lot of lifting!

Thank you for standing in the gap for the vision. Your prayer is making a difference!


PS I have attached two of the photos we took today. There are more on the Facebook page.
Feb 21 BoH LintonFeb21 BoH Linton