Prayer Resources 

Here are some links which may be of interest with regard to prayer:

As in Advent some of us are meeting using Zoom at 8am to say a short service, pray and reflect together in 'Passiontide Promise'. If you are interested to join us please see the page for more details.

It is easy at times like this to feel overwhelmed and that we can do nothing. The need seems so great and our ability to act and influence change so small. But there is always something we can do. We can pray. 

Prayer is not easy, particularly at times of stress.  So to help with this there are some resources in the following booklet shared with us by Simon Talbott and Nicola Bown at St Mary's Great Shelford. This includes some short prayers to say, things to try to get you praying and a short form of daily service. It can be found, and downloaded from here.

Next week is Holy Week a special time of preparation for Easter. Nicola and Simon have shared the following booklet to pass on to any who are interested. It contains a set of readings for each day, a reflection and short prayer.

If you want remote connections to a worshipping community, Great St Mary’s, in Cambridge, is intending to live-stream some daily services. Find them on:
Great St. Mary’s (University Church) here in Cambridge on Facebook.

You will find Morning Prayer live streamed and recorded at 9am every morning.  Compline will be streamed at 9pm every evening from 23 March.
For those who would like to listen to a Sunday service, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is to lead a national broadcast. The service will be broadcast on all BBC local radio stations in England at 8am and will premier online at 9am on Sunday 22 March.

"Like" the Church of England’s Facebook page to be notified about the upcoming broadcast.
Churches of all major denominations will also be marking a national day of prayer and action this Sunday – Mothering Sunday – 22 March, particularly remembering those who are sick or anxious and all involved in health and emergency services. Christians are invited to place a lighted candle in their window at 7 pm to show they are taking part in this day of prayer.
The Church of England is working to significantly expand the number of digital and print resources to enable people to continue to walk with God at this difficult time. This will focus on daytime and night prayer services, more video content, new mental health reflections and a range of training webinars on how churches can use social media to reach local communities at this time. A simple online guide for churches wishing to stream acts of worship for the first time is available here.

Content currently available includes:

#LiveLent daily reflections
Prayer for the day audio and text
Alexa and Google Home smart speaker apps

For further information: Church of England resources, for a prayer for the day, and to join in Morning, Evening and Night Prayer.

Maggie Guite
19 March 2020