The latest ways to donate 

You can now give easily using your mobile phone to make one-off donations.
QR givingUse our QR code to take you to the donation website where you can pay using PayPal or any credit card associated with a PayPal account. Gift aid can be added very easily.
Simply use your smart phone camera to scan the code on the left and it should offer to open it in your web browser.
You may also use a QR code app on your phone if you prefer.

Alternatively, in church during services, we have a contactless payment device set to charge £5 to your card. If you wish to change the amount, that is easily done. If you wish these payments ot be gift aided, please email the Treasurer to let her know that you have made a payment under gift aid.

The Treasurer will respond to you if further information is required. Gift Aid makes a very substantial difference to the value of your donation if you are a UK Tax payer.