Sermons archive 2015

Grace and Truth in Jesus. Christmas Midnight 2015. (44.5KB)
The obedience of Faith. Advent 4C. 20 December 2015 (43.5KB)
True Gentleness. Advent 3C. 13 December 2015 (38.5KB)
"God hasn't finished with us yet". Advent 2C. 6 December 2015 (38.0KB)
The Nature of Advent Hope. Advent 1B. 29 November 2015 (41.5KB)
Son of Man, King of Truth. Christ the King year B. 22 November 2015 (44.0KB)
Apocalypse Now? 2 Before Advent B. 15 November 2015 (21.6KB)
Disturbance, Disruption and God's Call. 2 before Advent B. Remembrance Day. 8 November 2015 (38.5KB)
Bringing in the Harvest. St Luke's Day. 18 October 2015 (43.0KB)
Good and Bad Shepherds. Proper 11B. 19 July 2015 (41.0KB)
Receiving God's Message. Proper 9B. July 5th 2015 (42.5KB)
Resurrection and the Communion of Saints. All Saints' Day. 1 November 2015 (40.5KB)
Sell all you have. Proper 23B. 11 October 2015 (44.5KB)
Bartimaeus's Testimony and Ours. Proper 25B. 25 October 2015 (47.5KB)
Do not fear... Rejoice and Be Glad. Harvest in Year B. 4 October 2015 (42.5KB)
Jesus our one essential Bread of Life. Proper 12B 26 July 2015 (39.0KB)



Anne Parry-Smith, 03/10/2019