Stapleford/Children’s Society Alternative Advent Calendar 

The lead up to Christmas can all too easily become dominated by concerns over whether we have enough food in the house or have bought the right sort of present to give to friends or family.  In response to this, the Stapleford/Children’s Society Partnership committee has come up with an alternative Advent Calendar.  This calendar challenges you to undertake 24 small acts of kindness or opportunities for contemplation in the build up to Christmas Day.  The challenges have been designed so they can be completed by people of all ages and can completed in any order.  The reverse of the document shows The Children’s Society Christmas prayer.  On Christmas Day, stick up the Christmas prayer somewhere you can see and think of the Children for whom Christmas will be a time of loneliness, risk, fear or want. The Stapleford team would welcome your feedback – please send any comments on the challenges to Sue Mudge or use the 'contact us' page.